Can you believe this is our 50th to-do list? What started as a way to keep our fellow Texans entertained during the quarantine days, has now become a fun way for us to share our favorite internet finds around Texas and beyond. We’ve seen a lot over these past few months, from Tiger King and quarantine games, to Shiner Seltzers and Jalapeño Wines. And what better way to celebrate 50 than to throw it back to some of our faves.

... but first here’s a quick look at some current events:

A lot of people were sending this news update to us this week, and I’m thinking that other states are just jealous of how we Texpress ourselves. I think the best thing we can do is to be even more Textra and show everyone else how it’s done in the Lone Star State.

Now, speaking of Texas, here’s your latest Texas to-do list:

Oh, look. Another glorious afternoon. To celebrate the beginning of the spooky season our intern team put together a list of Texas Terrors to get you in the Halloween mood. If that list isn’t scary enough, just imagine not knowing what queso is. Terrifying!

For this to-do list, we’ve rounded up all the tricks and treats around Texas for you: 

Howdy y'all, we just finished our first week of October, and to celebrate, I have compiled a quick list of spooky stories for all y'all spooky Texans. Turn down the lights, cue the thunderstorms, and lets begin:

No matter how you got here, we’re all Texans, right? Except if you’re in Austin… Just kidding! We’re all Texans, and we all need to band together to go out and vote! We don’t care who you vote for as long as you exercise your right. Reminder that early voting starts next week!

Now let’s get on with this to-do list:

I think we’re all a bit upset about the outcome of the Stanley Cup finals, but don’t sweat it, I’ve compiled a small list of Texas shaped things to cheer you up. We’ve got some soap, some patties and biscuits that fit the definition of the word Textra, Texaroni and cheese, and a beautiful Texas pie

Here’s some more things I found on the internet that might cheer you up: