This weekend is weird for a lot of reasons. COVID is screwing up everyone's normal plans AND to top it all off, the leap year we're in means that July 4th skipped right over Friday and landed on Saturday. It wasn't enough for the pandemic to ruin everything. We had to have our 3 day weekend stolen from us too. Thanks a lot February 29th.
Sorry we took such a long break with these to-do lists. We've been busy working on some new products, hiring new employees, and just trying to stay level-headed while the world has felt sideways. Thankfully, I'm back in the saddle today and have a great list to share (and a margarita to drink when I'm done).

One of our company's core values is Build Community, and I've been thinking about that a lot. We believe that being Texan means being friendly. Friendship is literally the motto of our state. So I hope we can all learn to trust one another, and focus on the things that unite us, rather than make efforts to be divisive. That's truly the Texan spirit.

Here's your to-do list for this week:

The other day, the Governor's office called me and asked, "can you and the Texas Humor team help us write something for George Strait?" Uh duh. Of course we can.

I thought this was my chance to write a song for him. Turns out they wanted some help with a public service announcement promoting safe behavior to fight the spread of COVID-19. So no, I didn't get to write the next Ocean Front Property, but I did write something George read. It made my week. And it's part of this week's to-do list.

Texas is big. Texas is beautiful. Texas is open. Not all the way open, but definitely a lot more open than it was a month ago. Be safe out there!

When you've got some down time, here's your new Texas to-do list.

I was pretty jealous last week. I was jealous of everyone who got to witness the Blue Angels flying over Dallas and Houston in honor of the front line workers. Thankfully today the Air Force's Thunderbirds flew over San Antonio and Austin. They flew right over Texas Humor HQ

As for the rest of Texas and elsewhere, there's a lot going on.

I don't know about you, but of all the metrics my wife and I have monitored through this epidemic, our tequila consumption is through the roof. We aren't spending any money going out, but we're certainly giving more money to our local Spec's than we did pre-covid.

On the subject of tequila, when I drink it, I typically get nostalgic. So tonight's to-do list is nostalgia themed.

I was eager to sit on the couch and browse the internet once I got our son J.C. down to sleep earlier. Here's what had me busy tonight: