The Texas Connection: Vol. 4

The Texas Connection: Vol. 4


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In This Week's News...

  • Not like we're surprised, but research shows Texans are the strongest people in America. Didn't doubt it. 
  • The San Antonio's Zoo 'Cry Me A Cockroach' Valentines event is back. If you ask me, I'm all about naming a roach after my ex and watching it get fed to an Iguana...
  • I know what you've been thinking... how am I going to get my Girl Scout Cookies in a pandemic? Well, the Texas Girl Scouts have you covered. They're teaming up with GrubHub to have contactless delivery right to your door. There goes my diet. 
  • We've reached the Whataburger fan pinnacle. This Minecraft user made a Whataburger... and it looks legit.
  • Are you THIS Texan? Working from home never looked so Texcellent.
  • Post Malone donates 10,000 Crocs to frontline healthcare workers. Yeehaw.
  • Is he a Fire Prevention Officer or a Dance Prodigy?? Watch this video to find out for yourself.
  • This Goat and Dog are the mayor in Fair Haven, Vt. and have petitioned to renovate a community playground. One of the many reasons Texas is > Anywhere else. Our mayors aren't goats. 
  • As Buc-ee's makes it's second grand opening in Alabama, we need to remind everyone where the greatest travel center chain began... TEXAS
  • If you haven't seen this TikTok famous K-9 officer's return home after being shot... get the tissues out.
  • This Game Warden frees two interlocked deer by shooting antlers. Talk about a great shot. 
  • The folks out at Texas Humor are practically giving away Texas flags. Get yours before this sale ends.
  • Making Californians who want to move to Texas quarantine for 30 years??? Sounds about right.
  • This man stole a tow truck for revenge against the company that towed his car. He fooled them! That is, until he went to jail for Grand Theft Auto.
  • The Tiff's Treats first customer has been found and we're sad it wasn't us. Amy now lives overseas and donated her year's worth of free cookies to charity. Now, foster children will receive her cookies. Way to be a Texan, Amy.

We've Saved the Best for Last


If you're into electronic coloring books on your mobile device or tablet, screenshot and give it a go. If not, feel free to spot the difference below. 


Catch Us Next Week...

Catch ya' in next week's recap. Until then, have a great rest of your week and an even better weekend.


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