The Texas Connection: Vol. 3

The Texas Connection: Vol. 3



WE KNOW, it's only Wednesday... have a drink for us. 
If you already quit your New Years Resolution... it's okay. We did too. We said we'd drink more liquor instead of beer and it turns out that doesn't work too well in the office. 
On the bright side, we actually have news for you this week. PLUS, we've got a new addition to our Texas Crossword series. If you think you know everything about Texas Cities, give it a go and let us know how you do.
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In this week's news...

  • To-Go Alcohol Forever?? Brb. Moving to Houston.
  • This El Paso kid has donated care more packages than most people will in their lifetime. I've never seen a better non-profit prodigy in my life. 
  • Are we surprised at the (once) Nudist Apartment Complex in Austin, Texas?? Is this how it was coined to "Keep Austin Weird?" Easily up for debate.
  • If you were the first purchaser from Tiff's Treats... wanna swap lives? 
  • This... was a hard one to read. The beloved, Texas-Born Shipley's Donut's chain has changed hands. We thought this was another Whataburger-level buy out but it turns out, they sold to an Austin equity firm. Texas donuts forever.
  • This runner in Katy, Texas is dedicating his virtual half-marathon to honor his late wife with donations to the Alzheimer's association. I'm not crying, it's the jalapeno in my taco...
  • 2020 went out in a literal bang for this historian (and his cannon filled with complaint letters)
  • I can't claim myself as a classical music lover... but this 92 y.o. woman with dementia rocks this piano. 12/10 recommend giving her a listen.
  • All in all, this article really shows the good in people. "How to donate" was googled over twice as many times as "How to save money" in 2020 and that's one good thing we can claim.
  • This delivery driver isn't from Texas, but his dance moves still might make your day.
  • Asking for a friend... but can Texans do this... but with Tamales or Chili? I wouldn't mind a friendly chili making season for some people in need.


We've Saved the Best For Last


How well do you know your Texas Cities?

How to play: click here or on the crossword to access our blog. Play it directly on our blog or click the 3 lines in the bottom right-hand corner to print.



Catch Us Next Week...

Catch ya' in next week's recap. Until then, have a great rest of your week and an even better weekend.

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