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What sort of music should you listen to when fishing?
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In This Week's News...

  • If you haven't read this drama-filled Facebook Feed between two women who were engaged to the same (already married man) in Amarillo... stop right now. Read this. It's better than a Hallmark movie. 
  • Visiting San Antonio soon? Why go on a real date when you can go on a Doggy Date?
  • Speaking of San Antonio, this local kiddo cashed in his Game Stop stock he was gifted 2 years ago and all I can say is... why didn't I do that??
  • Ikea bought 11,000 acres in Georgia to save the trees and yet they can't keep Californian's from moving to Texas?? Smh. 
  • Kraft Mac N Cheese is coming out with a PINK (optionally sweet) Mac'n'cheese for Valentines Day.  Anyone else waiting for a Texas-shaped debut? 
  • ALERT! Hide ya' kids, hide ya' wives... hide ya' French Bulldogs? Burglars robbed this Houston home solely for the Frenchie. 
  • Some might say "keep Austin weird" but these Austinites did quite a few good deeds in 2020.
  • Thinking about Austin, we lost a good one this past week. The Owner of the Broken Spoke passed away and will always be a legend. See our picture here. Want more? Here's 25 photos of James White through the years at the iconic Broken Spoke here.
  • This knitted Bernie sold for over $20k. This Corpus Woman just took her knitting skills to the next level.
  • Will it be harder to get Crawfish this year? Stay tuned. This is at the top of our emergency tracking list. We'll keep you posted. 
  • Another reason we're thankful to not be an Oklahoman. This man filed a petition for Bigfoot Hunting Season? Texans would never. We shoot and ask for forgiveness after. 
  • Without a Mardi Gras Parade, these supporters are decorating their houses instead.


We've Saved the Best for Last


We promise, it's in there!



Riddle Answer: Something catchy


Catch Us Next Week...

Catch ya' in next week's recap. Until then, have a great rest of your week and an even better weekend.


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