Texas To-Do List: Vol. 9

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 9

At Texas Humor, I've lost track of all time. Thankfully the one thing I know that it's time for is another Texas Humor To-Do list.

1. We sold out of our cloth masks on Wednesday, but we just added new masks to the store.

2. I've got a new cocktail recipe video for ya with a surprise ingredient.

3. Once again, we sparked ANOTHER intense debate. It's sure to divide your house.

4. Sometimes it's just nice when people surprise ya.

5. If you thought Texans were ordering brisket or tacos for delivery. Think again.

6. I think I watched this video about 15 times. It reminded me of all my family in the RGV.

7. Have you ever noticed that Hollywood seems to always make the same movies?

8. In a previous life, I was a photographer and I photographed some cowboy poets in Alpine, Texas. They were some real characters.

9. For all y'all playing Animal Crossing, you'll like this.

10. Sometimes I forget that I'm wearing a mask. This guy definitely did.

I also just want to say how appreciative I am of all of the supportive messages you all have sent me in response to these to-do lists. Our team has been incredibly busy keeping the lights on and shipping the orders you've placed. I'm making sure to pay it forward by taking care of our people. And they're paying it forward by helping to distribute PPE.

Have a great weekend, and wherever you find yourself, I hope you are in a Texan state of mind.