Texas To-Do List: Vol. 8

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 8

Well, it's not a stimulus check. It's a Texas Humor To-Do List, which should stimulate your mind for at least the next 10-15 minutes while you're at home on the couch.

1. We released new cloth masks for you to use when you go out in public.

2. I recorded another margarita recipe for folks that like them spicy.

3. We sparked a pretty intense debate on Instagram. What's your take?

4. Bill Murray visited our warehouse a couple weeks back because we ship his brand's orders. Here's what he did while he was here. He even took a picture with me afterward.

5. McConaughey shows ya how to make a mask with a bandana. Need a bandana? We've got those too.

6. Florida deemed pro-wrestling as an "essential" business, because of course it did.

7. Just wait for it. It's worth it.

8. If this doesn't warm your heart, then you're as cold as Michigan in February.

9. Check out this insanely "useful" desk for folks who are working from home.

10. Is this the most Dallas picture ever taken?

Have a great rest of your Wednesday. Feel free to reply if you're on the couch and need some human contact! Stay upbeat and stay Texan!