Texas To-Do List: Vol. 10

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 10

I've been in the Texas Humor warehouse with our team all week helping ship all of the masks orders we got last week. I appreciate everyone's patience as we tried to keep up with the volume of orders. Not only has your support kept our team employed, we're actually hiring right now. You have been amazing. My name is Jay B, but today you can call me Thankful.

On with the To-Do List:

1. We restocked the masks with all new colors.

2. I'm hosting a Texas Trivia game on Zoom today at 3:30. We'll be giving out some big prizes!

3. Do you know what your Texas dialect is?

4. An artist in San Antonio created a Coronavirus version of the Loteria cards.

5. This kid ate queso for the first time and had the same reaction I did.

6. Nobody should have given this guy $1200.

7. The mask requirements in Houston are bananas.

8. Several years ago I recorded our two corgis, Carl (RIP) and Winslow, play fighting at our old warehouse. It's hilarious.

9. Do you agree?

10. We also launched a t-shirt to help service industry folks who are out of work with our friends at Lone Star Beer.

I'll be around the house having a beer and hanging on the porch with the kiddos. If you're bored and lookin' for some outside contact with someone other than your cat or dog, give us a holler. 

Have a great weekend, and wherever you find yourself, I hope you are in a Texan state of mind.