Texas To-Do List: Vol. 6

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 6

Every evening my wife and I sit on the couch and ask each other, "Did you see the post about __________?" Despite everyone going stir crazy from being stuck inside, there's actually some decent stuff out there on the internet right now.

So, I'm publishing our 6th Texas Humor To-Do List and asking you, "did you see these things?" You'll be glad you once you have.

1. If you need a new Margarita recipe, try the one my wife and I have been making at the Texas Humor house.

2. We just launched a tiered sale on Texas Humor. There are $10 dollar tees, $15 dollar tees, and $20 dollar tees.

3. Be sure to travel a bit from the confines of your home.

4. My buddy Tim has a pretty interesting way of getting to know his delivery drivers.

5. If you have kiddos who need something to do, try this recipe our graphic designer John's daughter taught us. She's ADORABLE. I just want to pay her to say Peanut Butter all day.

6. HEB is helping restaurants that were forced to close by selling ready-made-meals prepared by them in their stores because OF COURSE HEB DID.

7. It does kinda feel like we're all in prison. A tasty prison. (If you've never seen Goodfellas you can skip this one.)

8. If this 97 year old WWII Navy Vet can be positive about life right now, you can too.

9. Say what you will about the Astros cheating scandal, but Justin Verlander is donating his paycheckto help people affected by COVID-19.

10. I could listen to this country kid ask to pet the dog over and over.

If you need more to-dos and missed our others, you can find them on our blog here.

Have a great Monday night. Feel free to email us at howdy@txhumor.com if you're bored and want to chat!

Be home and be postive. Keep being good to one another!