Texas To-Do List: Vol. 50

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 50

Can you believe this is our 50th to-do list? What started as a way to keep our fellow Texans entertained during the quarantine days, has now become a fun way for us to share our favorite internet finds around Texas and beyond. We’ve seen a lot over these past few months, from Tiger King and quarantine games, to Shiner Seltzers and Jalapeño Wines. And what better way to celebrate 50 than to throw it back to some of our faves.

... but first here’s a quick look at some current events:

1. Our BRAND NEW FALL COLLECTION is here, and more Texan than ever. 
2. Don’t know who took this video of me waking up in the morning.
3. This kid is far from 50 and looking better than ever.
4. I have one question for 7-Eleven, how are the bathrooms?
5. I think if we all go in, we could afford to live like kings for a night
6. The true winners of hide and seek.
7. If this ain’t the most Dallas thing ever... but they had me at 21 desserts.
8. A reminder of pre 2020 times
9. If you’re looking to try a new recipe this week, I think this is the one

Now without further ado, a look back at 49 of the stories that have made us smile, laugh, and overall just proud to be Texan. 

*cue sappy music*

  1. Did you watch our Netflix recommendation
  2. How’d you like our Homebound Honky Tonk playlist?  
  3. Did you ever find Big Tex?
  4. This dig still cracks me up!
  5. How many of these shorts did you watch?
  6. Remember this guy? This is how it’s going.
  7. I am haunted by this image every single day.
  8. Still debating if I should get something like this or not.
  9. I still can’t believe how many people voted to get rid of chick fried steak.
  10. Hope this kid is still enjoying queso.
  11. Did you make it through all 143 albums?
  12. Still taking applications for anyone who wants to do this with me.
  13. Remember when murder hornets were a thing? 
  14. I wish this was still our only problem.
  15. Still waiting for Tesla to contact me about this iconic idea.
  16. Remember when we collectively decided to get rid of Dallas?
  17. This huge mistake still lingers in my mind. I wonder if they ever got it fixed.
  18. This is still the best senior tradition I’ve ever seen.
  19. We started our TikTok account back in June, have you followed us yet?
  20. Because we don't really mention them a lot, let's remember that one time we did.
  21. I love that while everyone was snatching toilet paper, Texans were after brisket.
  22. Remember that weird part of quarantine when everything was made of cake? At least we got this recipe out of it?
  23. Imagine living in a part of Texas without an HEB. Yeah, I couldn’t live in Dallas either. 
  24. This video still haunts me to this day. Who told him this was correct?
  25. Whataburger makes every situation better. (Strong language warning)
  26. Another reminder that everything is bigger in Texas!
  27. Now that we’re not waiting anymore, how many of y’all have read this book already?
  28. Remember this calendar? How would you fill out the two missing months?
  29. White Claw who?? Pass me a shiner.
  30. I’m hoping to get a couple of these this Christmas.
  31. With all the politics going on, let's remember this important political statement.
  32. Just a reminder, Florida is still a nope.
  33. Texas in #1 in a lot of things, and this poll is no different.
  34. Did you make it out to this Mega HEB
  35. I bet this guy is still regretting all the sights he missed on this road trip!
  36. Still trying to decide if we should get this installed at the office. What do you think?
  37. Remember our favorite baker? He’s still going at it.
  38. Cowboy but *high fashion*
  39. I can’t believe Taco Bell and Red Lobster thought these would be good ideas.
  40. With more people on the road now, let’s remember to be friendly.
  41. We love it when Winslow just...
  42. With everything going on right now, I could use a couple pints of this ice cream.
  43. We really showed the Charcuterie Community how it’s done.
  44. Now that Halloween is over, I wonder where everyone is keeping their decorations.
  45. Everyday we get closer to this day, and I cannot wait!
  46. Is anyone else wondering if they ever got this sorted out???
  47. Did any of y’all get these in your basket?
  48. My whole family already knows what they're getting this holiday.
  49. The first signs of winter are always the best. 

Thanks for staying up to date on Texas with us, if you ever find any fun stories don’t hesitate to send them our way. They could end up on a list someday. 

As always, have a great rest of your week, get geared up for “fall” , and stay Texan.