Texas To-Do List: Vol. 49

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 49

A lot of people were sending this news update to us this week, and I’m thinking that other states are just jealous of how we Texpress ourselves. I think the best thing we can do is to be even more Textra and show everyone else how it’s done in the Lone Star State.

Now, speaking of Texas, here’s your latest Texas to-do list:

1. We just launched some Brand New Tees, and they’re Alright Alright Alright.

2. If you’ve never had these turkey legs, now is your chance!

3. Not as scary as the movie, but you still gotta watch out for these blobs.

4. Halloween is this Friday, do you have plans yet?

5. This could either make or break 2020.

6. South Texans who get too excited in the winter be like…

7. Am I the only one worried about that concrete getting stained?

8. It’s the order tent in her hair for me.

9. They didn’t even mention that DFW is higher than Houston.

That does it for this list, hope you have a great rest of your week and enjoy the beautiful weather. And whether you love or hate the cold, it never hurts to bundle up with a nice Texas sweatshirt. It’ll keep you cozy while still reminding you to always stay Texan!