Texas To-Do List: Vol. 48

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 48

The Texas weather knows no limits, and this guy sums it up perfectly. It’s either way too hot or way too cold. Either way, I’m always prepared for it to spike back up to the mid 90s

Now that we’ve got the forecast out of the way, here’s what’s been going on in the news and on the internet:

1. In case you missed it, our Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF ALL Tees is still running for a limited time.

2. It doesn’t get better than Big Red and Beers.

3. Would you stay in this scare-bnb?

4. Our Texan elegance is unmatched

5. Ice Cream is the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Picture this, a Hallmark christmas movie, but this is the scenery.

7. Do you need some anti-aging cream?

8. Sign me up.

9. Why can’t my dreams look like this?

10. If you’re a misplaced Texan who misses their BBQ, you’re in luck

That’ll do for this week's to-Do list! Hopefully you have a great weekend, and get to enjoy this “cold front”. Stay warm, and stay Texan!