Texas To-Do List: Vol. 28

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 28

Hope you’re staying cool, it’s hotter than hatch green chile queso out there. Priscilla and I decided to head to Kerrville with the kiddos and the RV (and of course Winslow).

If you’re in need of some outdoors, Texas has plenty of places to enjoy (or escape) the heat, as seen in this guide. Or maybe you feel like catching a drive-in movie at Six Flags or even Walmart. Whatever you do, be sure to catch the latest cool things on the internet:

1. I hope this new Whataburger on wheels has a nice little jingle as it goes by like an ice cream truck.

2. We launched a new tee to remind folks that Texas is one big diverse and happy family. Y’all Means All, y’all.

3. Do you remember the first time you heard Jolene?

4. I know we always make fun of ‘em, but they’re still Texas’ favorite team.

5. Looking to own a White house replica? This one was available for just under $6 million.

6. This might be the only calendar that matters anymore.

7. Looks like this guy went a little “hog wild”.

8. This teen’s got the heart of a Texan.

That’ll be it for the night, hope you have a great weekend. Love Texas, love your neighbor, be kind, and make sure you’re wearing a mask out in public! We can beat COVID together!