Texas To-Do List: Vol. 27

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 27

This list is a bit random, mostly because it’s been a busy week over here at the Texas Humor office. But it’s a good list none the less.

Get to clickin’:

1. People claim we’re full of ourselves, but we’re not flexin’. We’re just Texan. The evidence speaks for itself.

2. Flex Your own Texan-ness with this collection.

3. I’ll read, I’ll read, I’ll read this new book.

4. How would you rename your hometown?

5. Pretty sure this is the chupacabra.

6. This principal is ready for the new school year.

7. Need a good pick me up?

8. If you’re looking for more natty light, these Texans got ya covered.

9. The official state scent?

That’s it for this list. Have a good rest of your week, and remember to stay safe, and stay Texan.