Texas To-Do List: Vol. 26

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 26

It's another week in Texas and the weather has been all kinds of unpredictable as usual. My in-laws live in McAllen and thankfully were spared from any damage from the hurricane. Meanwhile over here, my kiddos and wife were (very funnily) freightened by the thunderstorms in central Texas today. Maybe tonight we'll try to eat dinner outside.

Whether you're wet or dry, here's 10 more to-do list items to get ya by:

1. Our new Texas Flag face mask is gonna sell out fast. Check it and our other new arrivals!

2. Speaking of dinner, looks like Dallas has something to brag about dinner-wise.

3. Snake or scorpions?

4. Speaking of Dallas, this is a funny neon sign.

5. Somebody hunted a 460-lb invasive feral hog in Central Texas. That's a lot of pork.

6. A 67 year old surfer saved someone from crazy waves caused by the Hurricane.

7. Folks in Odessa rallied together in a really special way.

8. This is a great Etsy artist for the nostalgic Houstonian.

9. The University of Texas banned all parties this fall.

10. People at our company take Fancy Shirt Friday very seriously.

I hope you had a great week. Time to crack a beer and put on some classic country music at the Sauceda household.  

Have a great night!