Texas To-Do List: Vol. 15

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 15

I was pretty jealous last week. I was jealous of everyone who got to witness the Blue Angels flying over Dallas and Houston in honor of the front line workers. Thankfully today the Air Force's Thunderbirds flew over San Antonio and Austin. They flew right over Texas Humor HQ. One guy got a SUPER close view in South Austin.

As for the rest of Texas and elsewhere, there's a lot going on.

1. We released a brand new physical Texas-themed coloring/activity book. It's 44 pages of Texan-ness for kids or adults.

2. A newscaster from Dallas reminds folks how silly it is to be mean on the internet by reading their comments on live TV.

3. Elon Musk threatened California that he'd move Tesla to Texas and it caught the Governor's eye.

4. It caught our eye too, so we designed a Texas Edition Cyber Truck. The Texsla.

5. People in Florida decided to protest their gym being closed by proving they don't need a gym to work out.

6. Austin Police and A LOT of other folks wished a 96 year old WWII vet Happy Birthday. These videos never get old.

7. I love that they made a point to clarify that these were "sassy" goats.

8. I asked folks what the longest drive they've ever taken was. What was yours?

9. I was Mad Max'ing my way through Dr Pepper shake creation. Whataburger reminded me that I don't have to.

10. If you haven't been to our store in a while, we've restocked some items and launched some new things, so check it out.

And I'm not one for gossip, but with all the social distancing going on, we thought we'd give you an outlet to get some small town gossip going again. Shoot us an email with the latest funny gossip you've heard and we'll share the best (without identifying information of course).

Keep your chin up. Keep your pride out. Keep Texas, Texan.