Texas To-Do List: Vol. 12

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 12

As it turns out, "get out of the trash" is something you have to holler a lot when you have a 1 year old who gets in to EVERYTHING. My wife and I have no idea why he is so interested in checking out the trash can, but he is. We never had this issue with our daughter.

Needless to say, I was eager to sit on the couch and browse the internet once I got our son J.C. down to sleep earlier. Here's what had me busy tonight:

1. In Troy, Tx, a 97 year old Veteran was celebrated with a parade. The Fort Bend Sheriff also wished a little boy and little girl a happy birthday too. That's #TexansHelpingTexans.

2. Our masks are getting close to selling out again so be sure to grab one if you need extras for your rotation. They're in stock and shipping now.

3. It's really good to see that restaurants are opening back up and keeping people safe.

4. If you had to pick, which would you go with?

5. Did you know that George Strait has a TikTok? Yeah, I didn't either until like 20 minutes ago.

6. I'm buying my kids several powered toy cars for one reason. So they can pull me around the neighborhood while I drink margaritas while sitting in a wagon.

7. How many of you Texas wives out there does this describe?

8. This account has been doing awesome drawing tutorials for kids.

9. This is one way to stay entertained while stuck inside.

10. I think I figured out why they say dogs are man's best friend.

11. This world would be a better place if everyone could just get along and work together like these bees.

12. On the note of getting along, quarantine is really starting to break up some relationships.

I didn't get a chance to wrap up the cocktail video this week after all, but I'll have more coming this week. Holler at us if you need anything!