Texas To-Do List: Vol. 53

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 53

Happy Thanksgiving


It’s finally Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday week! In simpler terms, it’s a time to reminisce with family, eat your heart out, and shop till you drop.
By the way, if you haven’t thawed your frozen turkey yet… good luck Chuck. 
Since tomorrow’s the big day it might look like pretty crazy for you so we’ll keep this one just as funny but a little short. 
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In Other News...

Good afternoon to everyone except the guy who stole the package off of my porch two days ago. 
In case you missed it, my daughter's Coco guitar was taken from this man who unfortunately looks like he isn't going to appreciate the gift as much as my daughter would have. Needless to say, another is on the way. And to anyone reading this... if you try to steal my next package it just might be a glitter bomb.
Watch the News Release about it HERE.

In Texas News...

One Word: Tacopedia. That's right. It is the ultimate list of Tacos around Texas. You won't want to miss this.
Word around the block has it that Whataburger has a new secret menu... read all about it here
Obsessed with El Arroyo just as much as we are? Read some our favorite signs here.
Walmart just got denied by the Supreme Court when they tried to get a liquor license... so there's that. 
If you're curious what the rest of the Country is whipping up for Thanksgiving... I suggest you check out this meme. 
Speaking of memes, here's some of our favorites from this week: Your Friend Group, Houston Drivers, Me in Bucees, Keeping Austin Weird, and a Texas Weather Update.
And if you're still looking for that Christmas gift for uncle Rick... look no further.


We've Saved the Best For Last

We just launched our softest blankets yet. If you haven't seen them... what are you doing? To keep you in the loop, we've included a pic of them below. You're welcome.


Until Next Week...

Catch ya' in next week's recap. Until then, have a great Thanksgiving and an even better Black Friday.