Texas To-Do List: Vol. 54

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 54


If this newsletter sounds like it was written after two many bottles of wine... you just might be correct. Why? Because we might have snuck into our Costco Wine Advent Calendar a little early.
If you're like us, you're just ready for the Holidays to get here. This is your friendly reminder that you have less than a month until the festivities begin.
In other news, if you haven't finished your Thanksgiving leftovers it might be time to toss the stuffing.
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Slow Your Roll...

If you're wondering what Floridians are up to... it consists of thawing their turkeys in their swimming pools... you heard that right.
Texan Debate of the Week: whether or not Movie Theaters should be selling... pickles.
Oh dear. This deer STEALS hunter's gun and RUNS AWAY WITH IT. 
Someone mixed up Texas and Oklahoma... I...Can't Make this up. Find the correct map here.
Squirrel appears drunk after eating an old pear? Should... I... be eating old pears??
Chester, a fellow Houstonian won Best In Show at the National Dog Show.
Shiner Bock?? Winning a European beer competition???
If you haven't seen this viral Christmas Lights TikTok... I'll just leave this here.
There's a new car on the block. Wait.. I mean thawed turkey. If you haven't seen the new technique for stealing tires... click here.
Buc-ee's vs. Bucky's... Who Is Who?!
H.E.B might be Texas' greatest hype man. If you haven't bought one of these... what are you doing?
And if you're still looking for that Christmas gift for aunt Cheryl... look no further.

We found 2020 in a Gif. And yes, that's Gif not Jif.

By the way, that's how we handle Chili with beans around here. 

Here's Some Positive News For Your Week: 

Houstonian, Ms. Nell Jean Stewart just had her 100th birthday. Wish her a happy birthday and read all about her story here.
This Texas woman helped a struggling delivery driver with the help of social media.
Pearland PD caught this dash cam footage of a duckling rescue. It's too good not to watch.
If you love a good Homecoming video... this one is for you.
See how this couple celebrated their wedding... while COVID positive.
This couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary after both beating COVID.
This UPS driver went viral after his selfies with the pups he encounters on his daily route. If you love dogs and aren't following him... why aren't you?
Texas Humor just launched LEGGINGS. I said it. Don't miss out.
Make a Wish Foundation grants its 500,000 wish.

We've Saved the Best For Last

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Until Next Week...

Catch ya' in next week's recap. Until then, have a great week and an even better weekend.