The History of Brisket

The History of Brisket

Enjoy a Brisk, but Accurate Description of the History of the Brisket...


Brisket is considered to be the unofficial eighth wonder of the world to most people, and for good reason… The first evidence of brisket was found in early cave depictions of neanderthals smoking brisket upon the creation of fire!
Around the 5th century A.D, brisket was seen as a sign of wealth.In many Egyptian hieroglyphics, brisket is seen being passed to the pharaoh and other high ranking officials. 
During the Medieval period, brisket was thought to be a source of magic. It was smoked in  large fires because it was believed that the smoke cured leprosy, diphtheria, and the black death…

Long story short, it did not…

Later during the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci painted a brisket as the centered meal during the last supper. Da Vinci believed that smoked brisket was the only meat that filled the golden ratio. 



In the famous painting of Washinginton crossing the Delaware River on a chilly Christmas morning in 1776,he is seen holding a brisket in his hand. Washington was recorded saying “Dang...if anything can keep us warm on this cold ass lake, it's gonna be this smokey brisket!” 



Even the first Texas President would keep a full brisket under his famous “fancy-man” hat, in order to remind him of home whenever he traveled.



Skipping forward to the moon landing of 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong is seen landing on the moon with a big ol’ slab of brisket which he left there as to give any alien lifeforms a chance to taste some slappin’ food. 



Believe it or not, everything just stated was completely false. Looks like we brisk-GOT ya there lol. The real history of the brisket, or at least the common “Texan-styled-Brisket”, is a little more believable. During the 1800s a bunch of Askenazi Jews, Czechs, and Germans made their way to the soon to be great state of Texas in search of land. Brisket is a kosher meat, so the Jewish community of Texas began smoking and selling it in their delis. Over the next hundred years or so it morphed into the delicious BBQ staple that it is today. History attached or not… Brisket is a damn good Texan meal!