Texas To-Do List: Vol. 33

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 33

Don’t you just miss the days when we could safely float down the river? I’m thinking maybe i’ll get this built in my backyard, so I can float around all day, and hopefully I won’t lose a flip flop.

Meanwhile, I guess we’ll continue to cheers to porch happy hours. So sit back and get ready for this week's to-do list:

1. This Texas Roadhouse is definitely not in Texas.

2. Me when we can finally go to dance halls again.

3. We restocked some of our best Texas tees.

4. Not sure how this is news, isn't it obvious that Texas is #1?

5 .Texans clearly love sweet tea, but which one is your favorite?

6. It’s National Dog Day, and if you need a sweet treat for your pup we’ve got ‘em.

7. We all know you can’t go wrong with Texas Toast, but dang do I want to try some of these breads from around the world.

8. We're not the only ones who enjoy late night Whataburger visits.

9. Curious about what space looked like on your birthday?

10. Have you crossed this line before?

11. Share this with your non-Texan friends. 

That’ll do for this edition of the Texas to-do list, hope you have a great rest of your night. Don’t forget to remember the Alamo and to always stay Texan.