Texas To-Do List: Vol. 56

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 56

Good Morning!
We've been on a juice cleanse over here but Santa on the other hand... has had a rough year. Be sure to leave out extra cookies and tequila this year because frankly: we all need it. 
In other news, there's only 15 days until the new year... but who's counting??
Still looking for festive activities? We've curated a list of fun activities just for you on our blog. 
Here's a list of our favorite Christmas Karaoke Songs. Do with this as you wish. And for you non-Spotify listeners here's a list for you too.
There's only two days to get your gifts by Christmas with expedited shipping! If you're looking for gifts for that Texan in your life... look no further.
Looking for games? Scroll down for our Texan Word Search!

Here's a curated list of this weeks Funny Texas News.

Picked just for you.

  • This Whataburger vs. In-N-Out Feud is getting out of hand...
  • This NEW Lifetime movie if KFC themed... YES. We mean the fried chicken. It stars Mario Lopez as the "sexy" Colonel himself... who was in charge here??
  • I love finding a Texas cookbook in the International Food Section of Barnes and Nobles. 
  • If you've ever seen the 1978 Superman movie and didn't notice how they drew Texas on the map... are you even a Texan?? Check out our correct map here. 
  • In tune with your Myers Briggs? Want to know what Texas Towns your MBTI personality type suggests for you? Look no further.
  • San Antonians apparently consume Big Red by the Truck Loads.... read here about the many ways San Antonians drink their beloved Big Red...
  • In terms of positive Texas News, these El Paso bakers won $10,000 on Netflix show "Sugar Rush."
  • In Christmas news, here's a curated list of the 15 Best Christmas Beers, Ranked by Cheer.
  • The Dallas Symphony teams up with Concert Truck to take holiday cheer on the road in the DFW area. This is too good to make up. 


We're getting in the Christmas Spirit! Tune in next week to see our Tree!


We've Saved the Best For Last


Download it to print, or play online here.

If you missed the Texas Crossword Puzzle from last week, no worries! Find it here.


Until Next Week...

Catch ya' in next week's recap. Until then, have a great week and an even better weekend.