Texas To-Do List: Vol. 1

Texas To-Do List: Vol. 1

It's been a wild weekend running the Texas Humor feeds. Everything on social media is COVID-19. Meanwhile, my kiddos are making social distancing very difficult.

Since folks are being asked to stay at home to help flatten the curve of infections, I figured I'd put together a Texas To-Do List for ya to keep ya busy if you're stuck at home.

1. Check out the newest trend in spring Bluebonnet photos.

2. Watch the new ZZ Top documentary on Netflix. It's awesome.

3. Check out our new line of spring t-shirts.

4. Watch Monkeys only take 1 roll of toilet paper.

5. Despite COVID-19, the Italians have kept their sense of humor, and workout schedule.

6. H-E-B is selling a very tasty line of toilet paper.

7. We're relaunching Y'all Need This Podcast soon. Listen to our very first interview from last year, with Governor Abbot, and subscribe.

8. Remind yourself how much you love Texas, with this poem by my friend Don Cadden.

9. Read my book on how to be a Texan. Whether you grew up here or not, it'll teach ya a ton.

Please stay safe out there y'all. We're doing our best to keep all of Texas entertained despite these trying times. Our store is very much still open online and we're taking extra precautions to be safe and keep our people working.

- Jay B (Founder of Texas Humor)