Texas To-Do List Vol. 58

Texas To-Do List Vol. 58


New Year Out of No Where

In just 2 days, 2020 will be coming to a close and we're looking to knock out the BEST OF 2020. So... CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through 2020. We know 2020 might have been rough, but let's look back at the all the positive things 2020 brought.


Everyone at Texas Humor would like to thank you for your love and support this year. It's been a wild ride and we're so thankful to have you on this ride with us.



1. You got to Binge-Watch

When quarantine started, most of us fell to the Netflix binge-watching addiction. Here's what came out that was "binge-worthy" in 2020. If you haven't binged these yet... you still have a few hours left of 2020.

1. Tiger King- how could you forget... Carole Baskin killed her husband, whacked him, can't convince me that it didn't happen, fed him to tigers, they snackin', what's happenin'... Carole Baskin... which can we mention she was on Dancing with the Stars?!

2. Love Is Blind- This series really got everyone quarantining in their feels. Don't even get me started on Jessica. 

3. The Great British Bake Off- Once you finished binging all the iconic series, you probably moved on to the Great British Bake Off in your quarantine boredom. 

4. The Circle- This took the game show series to an all-new quarantine-relatable level. 

5. Indian Matchmaking- Quarantine continued to bring out all the love stories, and Indian Matchmaking was at the top of the list. 

6. Outer Banks- Quite possibly the most binge-worthy show of 2020 for those into a little mystery and suspense.

7. Too Hot to Handle- If you think the Bachelor was the craziest form of finding love... you haven't seen this yet. 

8. Cheer- If you know, you know. 

9. Selena- If you like the traditional story with an untraditional twist, this Selena story is for you. If you haven't seen the Selena shirt... are you even a Selena Fan?!



2. You got Creative

The amount of toilet paper ornaments given this Christmas had to break a world record. We're sad we didn't jump on the tp ornament trend but we'd rather make this email for you, instead. 

We watched toilet paper, paper towels, water, and soap fly off the shelves for MONTHS. The best part was the women trying to sell TP on Facebook Marketplace for $50! 

Instead, we saw our fellow Americans get creative after they posted "Who Needs TP" on Facebook... you knew it was about to get bad. 

If you're caught up on tp and want to spend that Christmas cash... shop this sale!



3. You had a serious addiction to Online Shopping

You looked forward to getting to go to your front door and see what "surprise" you got that day, even though you just ordered it for yourself. 

We don't mean to make it worse... but have you seen these sales?!



4. You were fooled on Facebook... is it cake or is it just a roll of toilet paper?

We spent hours binging videos of food being sliced, only to realize it was A CAKE. These bakers are getting too good for this world.




5. You Learned How to Zoom

Here's How Zooms Have Gone For Us: 

10:00 AM: (Zoom is supposed to start) Waiting for Host to Start the Meeting

10:05 AM: You see your co-worker has a cooler zoom background than you. Everyone begins to change their backgrounds

10:15 AM: Everyone has stopped laughing and the backgrounds are chosen

10:20 AM: Everyone holds up their cat/dog/babies for the camera

10:30 AM: Still that one person who can't hear says "let my get my headphones"

10:35 AM: Someone gets kicked off for poor wifi

10:40 AM: Boss turns themselves into a virtual potato and can't figure out how to change it so the meeting continues with potato-head

10:45 AM: Meeting Wraps Up

10:50 AM: Everyone waves goodbye and you see everyones resting b*tch face as they try to click the end call button as soon as possible

11:00 AM: Put pants on



We've Saved the Best For Last


Right click (desktop) or hold down on the picture (mobile) to save/print this photo to figure out what we've been saying all of 2020.


If you missed the Texas Crossword Puzzle, no worries! Find it here.



Catch Us Next Week...

Catch ya' in next week's recap. Until then, have a great New Years Eve and an even better weekend.