12 Funny High School Mascots in Texas

12 Funny High School Mascots in Texas

There are a lot of high schools in Texas, which means at least some of them will have some goofy looking and sounding mascots. Here are our favorites.

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12. Calhoun Sand crabs

This is one of the funniest looking mascots I’ve seen around. Real sand crabs are cuter than they are scary, but maybe that’s the point. With all the other mascots in this state being intimidating, maybe the idea was to stand out from the crowd. Well congrats Calhoun, you’ve done the job.


11. Texas City Stingarees

This guy is one part terrifying and one part hilarious. He kind of looks like he swallowed a giant cowboy hat.


10. Frost Polar Bears

Well there’s something you don’t see every day. I’m not referring to the pose as much as the Polar Bear. This being the hot state of Texas, you don’t often see many polar bears running around. The mascot definitely fits the city name though.


9. Brazosport Exporters

Brazosport is a big shipping city, so it makes sense to go with the Exporters as a mascot. I just find it kinda funny to use crane operators, ship captains, and truck drivers as a football mascot.


8. New Braunfels Unicorns

Props to New Braunfels for going with a mythical creature for their mascot. I wonder if this guy is as magical as he is hilarious.


7. Mesquite Skeeters

I’d actually opt to say that this guy is creepier than he is funny. If my school was playing Mesquite, I’d keep my distance from this guy or I’d carry around a giant can of Deep Woods Off.

6. Robstown Cotton Pickers

I couldn’t find an actual mascot photo for this team and it doesn’t surprise me. I’m not sure if it’s a giant piece of cotton or what, but either way, I think it’s funny.


5. Roscoe Plowboys

This one explains itself. I’ll just leave it right here for you to debate.


4. Lanier Voks

It took a bit of Googling for me to figure out what a “Vok” was. Apparently it’s short for Vocational Student. What I do know is that these gears are hilarious looking.


3. Grandview Zebras

Zebras are normally majestic and beautiful creatures. This photo of the Grandview High School Zebra is just awkward. I’m not exactly sure why he’s standing like that.


2. Springtown Porcupines

 Porcupines don’t really say “mean” to me as much as they say “unfriendly”. I can only imagine what their mascot looks like.


1. Winters Blizzards

The Winters High School Blizzard mascot is weirding me out. I’m guessing he’s either blowing wind or has motion sickness. Either way, he tops the list as the funniest looking mascot.

What are your suggestions for the list?