Every evening my wife and I sit on the couch and ask each other, "Did you see the post about __________?" Despite everyone going stir crazy from being stuck inside, there's actually some decent stuff out there on the internet right now.
Welp, it looks like most cities are under a mandatory lockdown. The one upside to being forced to stay inside is that you don’t have to see that annoying co-worker for a little while or that one family member who always chews with their mouth open.
While everyone else is sending you their company's COVID-19 plan, I figured I'd give you something to do while you're stuck at home this weekend. Here's my Texas To-Do List: Volume 3.
This might be the most abnormal March, probably...ever. Bars are closed. Restaurants are closed. Tom Brady is no longer with the Patriots. Nothing is normal. So we put together another Texan To-Do list to help ya feel a bit more...normal. 
It's been a wild weekend running the Texas Humor feed. Everything on social media is about COVID-19. I figured I'd put together a Texan To-Do List for ya to keep ya busy if you're stuck at home.